Thursday, 31 August 2017

Radio Doug, and Gentleman George

I haven't posted in a while, but I had to post this. I have been in NYC for 21 years now, wow! times flies. Anyway.. through the years of cycling in Central Park, I have met some wonderful people. I can write about a number of people, but today it's about George and Doug. Gentleman George is probably the most loved cyclist in the park between the hours of 10am -3 pm. He is a true gentleman, we all have mean days, but not George, never ever said a bad thing about anyone. Radio Doug, is another true gentleman, I don't think he ever said bad thing about anyone either. Riding in central park between 10 am - 3 pm is a world of it's own. It's like a gym, you see the same people the same time you work out and you eventually will chat and make friends. So basically, in the park we all "know" each other. Anyway.. I am getting way off track, too much to write about central park cycling. So I am going to summarized what happened. Well.. George was riding with Walter and a "cyclist" came out of nowhere making a sharp left turn and ran into George. Luckily he wasn't hurt badly, a lost a few fake teeth (he's almost 80)and a broken wheel. Worst thing was the "cyclist" at fault wanted to fight, but Walter stopped all that. We all wish we were around, that man wouldn't be walking today. But George being a gentleman. DID NOT press charge and said don't worry about it. BTW, George is 79 years old and in excellent shape. He's been meaning to stop riding but we all know cycling is in him and it will hurt him more to stop cycling. I was in town, and saw Doug and was talking about George, and we hope he will get back on his bike, literally, not a figure of speech. This man is almost 80 and he's cyclist. He will only quit if his bike is not "working." I don't even know if I mentioned that I am willing to buy George a new bike. But the thought was there. Anyway.. we saw George and he was just walking in the park and we were glad to see him out in the park, he looked a bit beat up, but was recovering "nicely." I left town for about a month. I came back to the park to ride, and just seeing all the regulars was awesome, and was chatting with Mike and he told me George got a new bike and was riding again. I was so glad to hear that. The best part about the bike story was, that the bike was sent to his apartment by someone anonymous. Intial R.D. Mike thought it was Roberto Durant, but that's another story, Anyway.. I eventually saw George on the bike today and caught up to him and found out Who R.D was, it was RADIO DOUG! I may have thought about getting George a bike, but Radio Doug wanted to make sure that George did not quit cycling because of a "broken" bike. So he made sure George had no excuse to stop riding, unless he's incapabale of riding anymore, So, he found out his size and just got a bike sent to his apartment. Action speaks louder the words or thoughts. It made my day to see George on the bike with that big smile and It also made peoples day by hearing that story. Radio Doug, you are central park cyclist of the year from 10-3. And thanks for all the "advise" and guidance you have given me. You rock! both of you rock!